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Retort Department

Food Packaging & Retort Processing
Retort food is a convenient option for those seeking pre-cooked meals that are prepared, sealed, and subjected to high pressure and temperature to sterilize them, ensuring extended shelf life without the need for preservatives. By utilizing this process, retort food can be safely stored at room temperature for duration ranging from three months to five years, depending on the specific type of food and packaging employed. This allows for greater flexibility and convenience in meal planning and storage.

- Recipe formulation &

- Cooking & ready meals production

- Packaging and retort service

- OEM recipe HALAL in retort

- Shelf life 1 - 2 years with nutrition

- Export experience on retort
Are you in search of food and beverage products that offer an extended shelf life without the need for refrigeration? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you.

Utilizing the retort method, we can increase the shelf life of our food and beverage products by deactivating microorganisms through precise control of temperature, pressure, and time. This innovative process allows our products to be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years, while retaining their exceptional quality, taste, texture, and color.

Our factory holds recognized certifications, including Halal certification, ensuring the highest standards of production. Additionally, we also provide outsourcing services for retort processing to other companies, enabling them to benefit from our expertise in this field.
How is Retort Beneficial to the Food Industry?

- Reduce or eliminate the need for preservatives

- No need to refrigerate or freeze

- The taste, aroma and flavor of packed food remain intact for up to 18 months

- Easy to handle, easy to open, easy to reheat

- Large surface area for logos graphics and branding

- The smallest amount of packaging material required to pack the same volume of product

- Reduced weight, storage space, and logistics cost

- Thin profile results in a 47% reduction in processing time
Retort Pouch Quick Facts

Our pouches or containers are designed for quick heat transfer, enabling efficient preparation and sterilization. With this feature, we achieve significant energy savings and reduce processing time by 30-40%.

Our pouches allow for rapid food preparation, heating, and readiness in just 3-5 minutes.

By minimizing heat exposure, we enhance the taste, color, and flavor of the food while minimizing nutrient losses.

The shelf life of our retort pouch products is comparable to that of foods in metal cans.

Our retort pouch or container requires storage space comparable to cans, while offering reduced disposal space. The pouch design also allows for convenient multi packs, offering various food items in separate pouches.

Our products eliminate the need for refrigeration or freezing, providing convenience to packers, retailers, and consumers alike.

The production and distribution of retort pouches require less total energy compared to metal cans.

Retailers benefit from the space-saving advantages of our retort pouches, as well as the convenient shape that makes handling and showcasing the product easier.